• http://alibaba0.free.fr/blog/ Ali Baba

    “Anyway, the fact that there are people in high places who think like that is very disturbing.”

    I can think of Silvio Berlusconi…

  • satchel

    In Europe and America, the only religion that anyone can insult is unfortunately, Islam. The only race that you can insult without being afraid of any trouble is Arab.

    I heard once, someone said we need to forbidden Islam!!!!

    And recently some French singer who said while was talking about poverty and crime in France: “

  • http://elfefe.blogspot.com fefe

    It’s very disturbing to see that kind of thought publicaly enonciated by supposedly very respectable people…
    In some of those people’s mind, there is additionally to Islam hate, Jews hate that they do not word because it is not going to be unnoticed and is going to be condemned. (This is even worse because it shows that it is admitted that there is no problem associated to saying bad things about Islam).

    Many people in the western world start to assimilate Islam with terrorism versus them (they don’t really care of things that do not directly touch them, there can be 1 million slaughtered in central Africa that go unnoticed) and tend to forget the 1.5 billion muslim that are living peacefully with no hate and violence in their hearts.

    They fear what they do not know, the only thing they have learnt about Islam in the past 20 years is talking about suicide bombers… And old people tend to be even more radical about the unknown, like this stupid queen of Danemark.

    I personnaly think that it is never too late to start teaching everybody at schools about the others religions (instead of forbidding them to express their differences – I’m originally french…). Knowing each other would be a great step towards a more tolerant world. Being an atheist with no religious education, I had to go through a lot of efforts by myself to learn about religions, and it is clearly hard to do all this by yourself.

  • http://www.dianamagazine.blogspot.com Yamen

    It is very sad today to link Islam to terrorism. Thanks to Mr. Oussama Bin Laden, today, if you are muslim, automatically you are terrorist. We have a long & hard way to change that point of view about us. we are not a nation of threat. we are a nation of peace, tolerance & brotherhood.

  • http://www.subzeroblue.com MMM

    Ali Baba, there’s a long list with new people joining in everyday. It’s really sad.

    Satchel, That’s truly how it has become. Being a Muslim and an Arab in the world today is some sort of a curse.

    Fefe, I totally agree with you that the key is to teach children more about different religions so that they grow up to accept each other and understand their differences, making their understanding unite them instead of creating this kind of racism and hatred that we see now.

    Yamen, even though Osama Bin Laden played a role in this, it’s not just because of him. This has been a reality for sometime. All Osama Bin Laden did was give them another thing to pin all their racism on.
    Just go back to the movies from the 90’s and see how many portray Muslims as terrorists. This has been underway for a long time now. And it’s just been getting more and more out in the open.

  • http://rundom.com/houssein Houssein
  • Amira

    It’s very disgusting that Danemark & Norway talk aganist our Prophet Muhammed,may peace and blessings be upon him,the best man came to the earth .
    Anything can be accepted except talking aganist our beloved prophet who teached the earth what is mercy & brotherhood.
    All non-muslims need to read and know just subtitles about WHAT IS ISLAM? AND WHO IS PROPHET MUHAMMED,PEACE AND BLESSINGS BE UPON HIM?

  • Liliane

    Hi.. I need a help.. Can you please give me the names & e-mails of the institutes or “old people’s home” at Odense?? Thank you