Which religion is the right one for you?

Just came across this quiz that asks which religion is the right one for you?
After answering all the questions, I got this:

You scored as Islam. Your beliefs are most similar to those of Islam. Do more research on Islam and possibly consider taking the shahadah and officially becoming a Muslim, if you aren’t already.

Despite the actions of some – who go against the teachings of Islam – Islam is a religion of peace; the word “islam” means “peace through submission to God.” “Muslim” means “one who submits to God.” Islam is the third of the three Abrahamic faiths, and it shares much with Judaism in Christianity; its differences are the acceptance of Muhammad as the last and final prophet, and the oneness of God – in other words, that Jesus, though he was a revered prophet, was not in fact God, and only one God exists. Apparently the Taliban could not read (though their name means “students”), because the Qur’an states that men and women are equal as believers, and that all believers should be educated and seek knowledge. Modesty in dress and behavior is required in Islam for both men and women to preserve the values of society and move the emphasis from superificial appearance to intelligence, knowledge, and God.


Which religion is the right one for you? (new version)
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9 thoughts on “Which religion is the right one for you?”

  1. How weird. I just did that quiz yesterday. 🙂 I scored high on Atheism and second on Satanism **shrug** Don’t ask.

  2. Interesting , but by no means accurate . The problem is you can’t just blanket Christains under one belief, there are many parts that believe different things. This also runs true for the other religions, although not as much. I remember seeing a website that was very good, which broke it down to the religion type. It was more detailed and more fun. Can’t seem to remember that site address though. Thanks anyway for the post MMM , interesting as usual

  3. Jenn, lol…
    I knew there was something satanic about you 😛
    Just kidding 🙂

    Joe, I agree that it’s not that accurate.
    It’s just a fun little quiz that touches on the broad lines of each religion and tries to classify a person in one of them according to his answers.
    In reality though, a lot of other details and factors come into play and of course as you said some religions have different directions within them with different beliefs making it harder to classify.
    Anyway, if you do find that other site you mentioned, please do let me kow 🙂

  4. Welcome back MMM.

    Nice post, I scored 100% Islam, but that is because I truely believe in it, which doesn’t mean I am doing everything I should, but the fun part was my second score which was Paganisme at 67%! The last two scores were Satanism and Atheism, both at 21%.

    But of course, as other people said, it was only scratching the surface.



    P.S. Happy belated birthday! Did anyone got you anything from your wishlist on Amazon?

  5. Welcome back to you too, long time no see 😉

    Hope you’re doing great 🙂

    So Paganisme came second for you, huh?
    You know, the word Pagan always reminds me of you indirectly. It reminds me of Bjork’s song Pagan Poetry, and when I remember Bjork, who else in this world can I remember but you, lol.

    Thanks for the birthday wish 🙂
    And well, I don’t really know if anyone got me anything from my Amazon wishlist. All I know is that I haven’t received anything from it yet.
    So, maybe not 😛

  6. I never liked Islam..I always prefered atheism but now everythinbg is changing..I am understanding islam better and i am starting to love this religion:)

  7. MMM Try this site about religion chooser.


    Great thing about it, is at the end you can go through the top ones you chose and see what they believe.Let us know if u like it.

    Also a suggestion, I would love to see you put up the 10 top websites u love to visit and need to have on your favorites list. See what others say

  8. Saoirse, that’s great to hear 🙂

    Joe, Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out asap and let you know what I think.
    The Top 10 websites idea is a great one, thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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