Tunisiana launches “Ma Tunisiana”

Tunisiana, the first private mobile operator in Tunisia, has launched a new web based service called “Ma Tunisiana” (My Tunisiana).

Ma Tunisiana currently provides the following services online:

– Sending, receiving and archiving SMS messages.
– Checking your credit.
– Checking how much you’ve spent up to the day before.
– Changing your personal preferences on whether you would like to receive SMS ads and newsletters, or appear in the user directory.
– And soon, checking your invoices and their details.

I think this is great. Bravo to Tunisiana for this.

Even though we in Tunisia are still a bit behind in the mobile telephony sector and the services available through it, I think this is a very good step forward.

Tunisiana has been the force driving this sector in Tunisia by offering new services and pushing Tunisie Telecom into following them.

Hopefully “Ma Tunisiana” will keep growing to provide more great services and stuff like Mobile Email, content subscription possibilities, Web to MMS, …etc.

I think it’s also time MMS and GPRS services are introduced from both operators.

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