Ocean’s Twelve

Everyone said Ocean’s Twelve was no way as good as Ocean’s Eleven, but still I had this thought that: well, ok, it might not be as good as the first (like all sequels), but with this all-star cast on-board, I don’t think it’s going to be too bad either.

Hmmm, well I was wrong!

I’m maybe the biggest fan of heist movies, and before “The Big Bounce“, I had loved every heist movie I ever saw.
This movie joins the ranks of “The Big Bounce”. Of course, it’s relatively a lot better, but still, it sucks.

Ocean’s Eleven was a really good movie. Fun, good acting, the storyline and heist were cool and everyone enjoyed it.
Ocean’s Twelve goes the opposite way and does everything wrong. The storyline is uninteresting, there’s no fun and the heist sucks.
So, what’s the point?!

Unless you definitely have to choose between “The Big Bounce” and “Ocean’s Twelve”, there’s no need to see this one 😛

My score for this movie is: 4/10.

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