My Confessions

Inspired by Roba, here are my confessions, the ones I can publish that is 😛

1. I’m quite anti-social most of the time. I’d rather stay at home alone than go out and see people.
2. I got my driving license in Jordan from the first time, even though I nearly had an accident in the exam, by bribing the examiner. I gave a friend of mine 20JDs to take him out for a mansaf dinner and whatever else at Jabri 😛 But I am a really good driver, honestly.
3. I hate the French language.
4. I always say that I never regret any decision I’ve ever taken but deep inside of me I sometimes do.
5. I have a problem carrying cups/mugs/containers with liquids in them. I keep spilling the damn stuff.
6. I’m a movie addict. I could watch movies all day long and still want more.
7. I’m a professional liar although it seems I’m getting worse at it now with lack of practice.
8. Fate has it that bad things happen to people who are bad to me. Without me doing anything or even wishing for it. So for your own sake, be nice to me, lol.
9. Sometimes, and on certain issues, I get so divided between the liberal and the conservative inside of me that I don’t know what to think about it.
10. I’m one of the laziest people in the universe.

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