Kuwaiti Women Rights Now, The Blue Revolution

After yesterday’s demonstrations by Kuwaiti women demanding equal voting rights, also called by some “The Blue Revolution” because of the blue “Women’s Rights Now” posters they were carrying, Kuwait’s Cabinet is speeding up a parliamentary debate on an amendment it proposed to the state’s election law, which aims to give women the right to vote and stand as political candidates.

Debate on women being able to vote here gained momentum last month after the prime minister, Sheik Sabah Al Ahmed Al Sabah, wrote in a rare newspaper column that it was “high time women get this right and practice it” because they were just as educated as other women in Arab and Muslim countries.

On the other hand, Kuwait’s hardline Islamists embarked on an anti-women rights campaign under the slogan that “based on Islamic Sharia law, women have no political rights”, which is wrong, as Islam never denied women these rights.

I think it’s about time Kuwait and all other Arab countries start giving women their full rights.
These countries can’t go on ignoring half the population. They have the right to be heard, to vote, to run for public office, to play a bigger role in their country.

Being from Tunisia, where it’s about time we men start fighting for Men’s Rights because of all the rights women have that we don’t, lol, I can truly feel the difference between a country where women are equals to men and are as much a driving force for the country as their male counterparts, and a country that doesn’t give them that chance.

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