Indian Youth Castrates Self Over Broken Engagement

What the ….?!!

In a shocking incident, a 22-year-old youth of Ahmedabad district castrated himself earlier this week to do away with the root cause of his sexual frustration! Bachu Mafabhai, a resident of Sadatpura in Detroj town, chopped off his penis with a sharp blade on Tuesday morning, which according to his own confession, was to get rid himself of the root cause of his unfulfilled sexual desires that were making life miserable for him.

“I could not sleep for nights on end, I would just keep tossing and turning in bed,” Bachu, who had a broken wedding engagement four years ago, told TNN.

To escape the daily misery unleashed by his unfulfilled desires, Bachu chopped off his sexual organ and buried it near his home.

[Source: Times of India]

I can’t believe this.
This is totally, incredibly stupid.

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