Egyptian Actor Ahmad Zaki Dies

Acclaimed Egyptian actor Ahmad Zaki died today Sunday, March 27th 2005, at the age of 57, after a long and ferocious battle with lung cancer.

The actor had been in a coma for eight days and finally his body gave up and his heart stopped beating.

Before slipping into a coma earlier this month, Zaki had received calls from President Husni Mubarak. Egypt’s most prominent celebrities and cultural figures had flocked to his hospital room for weeks before his death.

Ahmad Zaki was one of the Arab world’s greatest actors and his career is full of great movies and roles.
As Director Muhammad Khan, who worked with Zaki on six films, said: he had a natural instinct for acting.

Zaki died before accomplishing one of his dreams – the making of the film “Halim” about the life of the celebrated Egyptian singer Abd al-Halim Hafidh.

Rest in peace Ahmad Zaki, may God bless your soul.
You’ll always be a shining star in the sky of Arab cinema.

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