Last night I watched “Alfie“, featuring Jude Law, Marisa Tomei, Susan Sarandon and Nia Long.

I read a bit about this movie before and saw its trailer. The trailer looked fun but the reviews weren’t that good. I rented it anyways as I don’t always trust reviews.

I like movies in which the character has this ongoing dialogue with the viewers, I think it’s really fun and cool. This movie does that and I really liked that about it.

The movie is about an English womanizer and how he comes to learn the consequences of his actions the hard way.
I really liked Jude Law in this role, he did a really cool job in it.

The movie starts off really promising and is quite fun, but the pace slows down and it becomes just a bit boring towards the end.
Anyway, all in all, it’s a nice light movie to watch with some fun and cool moments. Not a blockbuster but still ok.

My score for it would be: 6/10.

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