Woman Finds Penis In Ketchup Bottle

Now this is extra disgusting and disturbing…

A Swedish woman said on Sunday that she had found a penis in a bottle of ketchup.

Viktoria Ed said she was lucky enough to discover the organ before putting the sauce on her bread rolls, unlike her husband Stefan and their children, Madeleine and Simon.

The Godegaarden brand ketchup was made in Turkey and distributed in Sweden by the company Axfood.

[Source: IOL]

I can’t believe this, It’s so so disgusting!
Thank God I don’t really like ketchup in the first place.

This ketchup company should be shutdown for good and they should be sued for every penny.

And hey, sorry if you just had lunch or dinner like I did. I know how you feel.

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5 thoughts on “Woman Finds Penis In Ketchup Bottle”

  1. I am sitting here scratching my head trying to figure out at what stage of manufacturing did the penis get into the bottle. Unless it is a baby’s weiner it could not have been introduced at the last stage of bottling. Neither could it have been introduced during the pressing and squeezing of the tomatoes (ouch just the thought of it hurts). I don’t know…but I guess one can use an alternative to “Waiter! There’s a fly in my soup” now.

  2. “A penis in a bottle of ketchup”. Thats something new. Does anyone know if balls were in it aswell?
    I bet that lady loved it b4 she reported the organ.

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