The Forgotten

Last night we watched “The Forgotten” featuring Julianne Moore and Anthony Edwards.

It’s a suspense mystery thriller about a man and a woman who are told that their children never existed and that they made up memories of them, only to discover that there’s a much bigger enemy at work.

The movie was very promising at the beginning. It started powerfully and kept getting better and better until halfway through the movie, but then it degraded and dissapointed me.
Why? Because it turned sci-fi.
Now, I love sci-fi movies, but I believe this movie would have been much better if it steered clear of it.
I kept wishing for a twist that would bring the movie back to the great track it started on, but that didn’t come.

So in my mind, I’ve built my own alternate ending so that I can love the movie.

I still think the movie is pretty good though, and the acting was very nice.
I do recommend seeing it if there’s nothing better to watch, especially the first half.

My score for it is: 7.5/10.

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