Newborn Boy Tossed Out Car Window

In Florida, USA:

A newborn was tossed out a car window onto the grass beside a busy street Thursday afternoon, and the car sped off, authorities said.

Investigators were seeking the parents of the boy, whose umbilical cord was still attached when he was found by a woman passer-by. Doctors believe the infant was less than an hour old at the time.

The woman who rescued the baby who was inside a small plastic bag said she saw a man and woman arguing inside the vehicle.

[Source: ABC News]

Whoever did this, whether they’re the baby’s parents or someone else, are extremely horrible people. I really can’t imagine how anyone could do such a terrible thing to an innocent newborn baby.

Don’t they have any feelings at all?
Don’t they feel any respect for life?
Even animals wouldn’t do such a thing!

These people should be caught and thrown into jail for a very very long time.

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