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Using Audioscrobbler, a Winamp plugin and RSS Digest I’ve added a new section on my blog’s sidebar that shows the latest songs that I’ve been listening to

What happens is that the winamp plugin contacts the Audioscrobbler site to generate an RSS feed of the stuff I’ve been listening to. RSS Digest then kicks in to read that feed every hour and transforms it into html code that you guys can see here.

Each song links to a page on Audioscrobbler with a list of the top fans of that song.

I think this is really cool 🙂

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Mohamed Marwen Meddah is a web development director, amateur photographer and web enthusiast from Tunisia, currently living in Canada.

4 thoughts on “Listening To…”

  1. Oh, wow, that is really cool! And I really love seeing what other people listen to, because you can tell a great deal aboiut a person from the music that they enjoy.

  2. Yeah, I agree. You can know a lot about a person by knowing what music they listen to.

    I used to put up albums I was listening to in the past, but I think this is a lot more interesting as it shows exactly what songs the person is listening to.

    What I think is also cool about this is that it can also be a way to keep track of the person’s mood, as the kind of music a person plays tells a lot about the mood they’re in.

  3. i love the way brother sami expreses his music i beliwve alah will reward him someday inshaalah… but i would like to kno IF the instrument he uses are aloud in islam music. please reply back when u get this message as i wish 2 understand if its okay to listen to ur music.i also appriciate brother sami’s lyrics its pleasen to listen to them better wat i use to waste my time with .may allah bless us all AMIN.SISTER KHADRA

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