Happy New Hijri Year 1426

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Hijri Year 1426.

May it be a blessed, happy and joyful year for you all bringing you prosperity, success and great health.

On another note…
Even though this occasion is still marked all over the Islamic world, people are giving it less and less importance. It’s becoming more and more like one of those meaningless days off.
What is weird is that muslims are now celebrating all sorts of things from valentine’s day to halloween to christmas to almost everything, but they fail to truly celebrate the start of a new year in the Islamic calendar.

It’s been 1426 years since the muslims, led by prophet Mohamed (PBUH), migrated from Mecca to Yathrib (now Al Madina El Munawwarah), marking a very important point in the history of Islam.

I think muslims should give more importance to this day and teach their children more about their religion and its history.
I know that we’re all modern people of the future, but our history is part of who we are and that should never be forgotten or taken lightly.

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