Google Blogger Fired

Yet another blogger bites the dust for blogging about his job…

Mark Jen, a blogger whose candid comments about life on the job at Google sparked controversy last month, has left the company.

“Mark is no longer an employee at Google,” a Google representative said in response to an inquiry Tuesday. Efforts to reach Jen for comment were not immediately successful.

Jen’s departure comes less than a month after he joined Google as part of a wave of new hires and began recording his impressions of his new employer, including criticisms, in his blog.

[Source: CNet News]

I’m not sure what this guy wrote about Google and working there that got him fired. But I do know from previous stories of other people that it doesn’t always have to be a good enough reason.

Anyway some people do take it too far and deserve to be fired for what they blog.

My stand on this whole issue is that if you’re going to blog about your job, you might as well keep yourself anonymous and make sure no one from your company knows about it.
You never know what it is that you’ll write that will piss them off.

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