George Michael Quits Pop Music


George Michael says he is saying farewell to the world of pop music, using a candid documentary about his life to put the record straight before he “disappeared.”

He also declared the genre that brought him fame and riches, as well as unwanted media attention, was dead.

“George Michael: A Different Story” traces a rags-to-riches journey that made Michael one of the biggest selling artists of the 1980s and 1990s but which was not without tragedy along the way.

“I just thought it was very important to explain myself before I disappear,” the 41-year-old said. “I truly believe that there’s a life for me that is not this one.”

[Source: CNN]

It’s a shame that George Michael will be quitting pop music. His songs and albums were always something great to look out for.

He’s given so much to the music world over the years, and has been one of the few who have managed to keep rolling out amazing hits.

Although I never classified myself as a George Michael fan, I just love his music.
I hope he changes his mind and comes back with another one of his great albums.

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