Things I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up

The most common of childhood questions must definitely be: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”.
We all had certain things we wished to be but ended up not being, and some of us still have some of these dreams.

Well, here are the main things I wanted to be growing up. And as I’m still in the process of getting older, some of these things are recent ones 😉

Pilot: I always loved air travel and still do. And for years and years I dreamt of becoming a pilot.
The Freedom, the flying, the travel, the beauty of it all. It’s a dream I’ll always cherish dearly.

Actor: In my childhood, I loved acting. I was always in all the school plays and stuff. I actually was pretty good. Anyway, I grew out of it by teenagehood. Just kept the needed talent to be a good liar.

Singer: With acting behind my back, my next obsession was with becoming a singer. My room witnessed many a concert by me. I actually think I have a good voice, but then again who doesn’t think that about themselves.

Genetics Scientist: Studied Genetics in Biology class at school, loved it and was really good at it. Anyway, sometimes I think it’s better I didn’t go on with it or else some really weird creatures would be walking this earth by now 😛

Doctor: After watching a bit too many E.R. episodes, I started thinking of becoming a doctor, but quickly changed my mind. Plus my mom was afraid I’d turn into some sort of Dr. Frankenstein 2.

Programmer: So, being someone who really enjoys computers and computer games. I was like, yeah this must be cool. Unfortunately I was wrong. Now I’m stuck with it for life.

IT Consultant: If I get to think up the right solution and then let some other poor souls do the shitty work, that would be really cool.

Photographer: I love photography, but that’s one thing and making it my job is another as I’m not too sure it’s the best job to put food on the table, unless I get into pornography that is. So hobby status is enough for it.

Self-employed: My ultimate dream. Oh, that would be just perfect!
(And I float into another one of my hallucinations with that same smile on my face.)

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