Reader’s Requests: The Answers

So, it’s finally Friday and it’s time for me to answer the questions and suggestions that I got over the past week.

So I’ll be answering the questions one by one in the order I got them.

i want to know your full name:)
How old are you? how many brothers and sisters do you have?
How come you are the only one who gets to post threads?!!!
Who did you vote for in superstar2?(if anybody at all!)
What is your favourite tunisian plate?
How come your wife is so sweet??:)



Well MMM are my initials, most people call me Marwen, and my full name is: Mohamed Marwen Meddah.
I’m 25 years old, but 26 is coming in March. I have only one sister who is younger than me.
I’m the only one who posts here because this blog is a way for me to put what’s going on in my mind online, share the stuff I find interesting, give my opinion on things and all.
Anyway, I am exploring the idea of creating a guest side blog.

In Superstar 2, I voted for Muhannad Mchallah and Ammar Hassan.

My favourite Tunisian plate is called Mlokhia, the Tunisian way. (It’s called Moloukhia in the Middle East but it’s prepared in a totally different way).

And well, my wife is so sweet simply because she just is πŸ˜›
It’s one of those unanswered questions of the universe that you just have to take as a fact, lol.

we don’t know what u look like man. you can’t be that ugly.hahahaha

Well, nah, I’m not ugly, or at least that’s what the people I know say. Maybe they’re just being nice, I don’t know. You’ll be able to decide for yourself very soon when I add a picture of me to the “About” page.

with the sucess u had of the superstar. You had 100 s of comments each day…..why not set up a music section where people can comment on new clips, songs artists. You could have 5 new songs people could vote on or new clips people can comment on. Would make people come back like they did during your superstar coverage.
Also voting questions each day. like whats your favourite food…1.chinese 2. arabic… etc. keep a log of the votes. this will give u an indication on what people want to read about and can shape your comments and reviews.
Thanks for asking our opinion.

Thank you for the suggestions. I think these are really great ideas.
Ever since I covered Superstar 2 last year on my blog, and it turned out to be a success, I’ve been thinking about taking that a step further with the next Superstar and maybe spinning off a whole music oriented section.
It’s great to get someone’s support for that idea. Hopefully the idea will start taking more shape soon.
Thank you :)

“Do you speak Italian? If yes, where did you learn it?”

No, I don’t speak Italian although I took an Italian course in my first semester in the University of Jordan and got a B+ in it.

  • Eman-Aqua

    WOW! I loved the idea of this R”eaders’ Reuqest” thing :)
    Wonder why I don’t come up with such ideas! πŸ˜›

    Saoirse, thanks for considering me sweet, I’m flattered :) It’ll be great to know more about you through answering your same questions, if possible that is:)

    Joe, lol, believe me MMM is being modest here, he’s VERY GOOD LOOKING πŸ˜‰ actually that’s not why I married him, I never focused about looks as long as the inside reflects its beauty to the outside, but I was blessed with the inside and outside beauty :)

    Jameed, what made you feel he might speak Italian? :) Anyway, he’s fluent in English, very good in French and I’m working on his German πŸ˜‰

  • Lyla

    I like the music section idea…

    by the way .. does anyone know when superstar starts this year? ..

  • jameed

    Eman, (and MMM):
    Hehehe…what made me think MMM might speak Italian? Well, following this blog every now and then, I had a feeling that I may have actually known MMM in my past life as a student at UJ :) I clearly remember my first semester at UJ and…my Italian 101 class! Yet my feable mind could not remember the name of person I talked to the most in that class. Good days…I still laugh whenever I rememeber the “Jabri” comment although I am not sure in which context it was said anymore.
    It’s so cool to actually verify your identity MMM πŸ˜€ What a small cyber world!
    Mi chiamo Iyas. Il numero chiuso alla Universita Giordania ad Amman =)

  • MMM

    This is so great :)

    You studied Pharmacy, right?
    I remember we also crossed paths a lot in the Faculty of Science when you were there for your Calculus or Physics lectures.

    I remember we had a lot of fun in the Italian classes :)
    Btw, what was the comment about “Jabri”?
    My memory has failed me on that one too.

    Anyway, it’s so great to run into you again online :)

    I’ll email you soon so we can catch up.