PeerCast, P2P broadcasting for everyone

I just found PeerCast, a P2P (Peer to peer) program that enables anyone to become an online audio and video broadcaster without the costs of traditional streaming.

So basically anyone can download this, throw it on their server and start their own online radio or tv station, creating more options for people than is normally found on commercially funded sites.

It’s open source, has a low memory footprint and CPU load.
It streams a number of formats (MP3, OGG Theora/Vorbis, WMA, WMV, NSV) and supports all popular media players (WinAmp, XMMS etc…).

I think this is a great and really interesting tool that makes setting up projects like this cheaper and more accessible.
I hope we see some Arab online radio and tv stations popping up here and there in the near future.

I’ll try playing around with it a bit when I find time to, but I don’t think I’ll be starting a station of my own anytime soon.

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