Our Advice & Us

It’s amazing how easy it is to give people the right advice, and how hard it is to follow that advice yourself.

How many times do you find yourself giving people advice you wish in the bottom of your heart that you could follow but just don’t have enough courage to.

If we believe so much in the advice that we give and are so certain that it is the road to ultimate happiness, how come we can’t force ourselves to go down that road too?!

You tell them to go after their dreams, yet you can’t.
You tell them not to complicate life, keep it simple and enjoy it when your life is the complete opposite.
You tell them that life is too short to waste, yet you manage to keep on wasting yours.
You tell them that they don’t have to keep on taking crap from the people around them yet you’ve grown accustomed to it.

It’s not hypocrisy; it’s just lack of courage maybe.
We always tell ourselves; well with us it’s different, it’s too complicated, we have so much at risk, we just can’t get up and change everything in our lives!
But yet we always believe that others can and still have the chance to do it.

In reality, there really is no difference. Whatever considerations and limitations life has thrown on us, it has most probably also thrown on almost everyone else.

So, why do we think it will work for others and not for us?
It can work for us too if we give it a try.
In the end, it’s only the people who realize that and take the chance who really enjoy the lives worth living.

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