Man Begs Wife’s Forgiveness In $17,000 Ad


When five dozen roses didn’t work, an estranged husband took out a full-page $17,000 newspaper ad to ask his wife for forgiveness.

“Please believe the words in my letter, they are true and from my heart,” read the ad in Tuesday’s edition of The Florida Times-Union. “I can only hope you will give me the chance to prove my unending love for you. Life without you is empty and meaningless.”

Larry, who declined to give his last name, sent the $17,000 apology to Marianne, his wife of 17 years. She left him almost two weeks ago, he said.

Larry, who lives in Orlando, said his wife is staying with her parents near Jacksonville. But they blocked him from entering their gated community and she changed her cell phone number so he can’t contact her.

[Via: CNN]

Now, I know some people are gonna think this is so romantic, sweet and stuff. But I personally think it’s total madness!

This guy has obviously been watching way too many cheesy hollywood romance movies.

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4 thoughts on “Man Begs Wife’s Forgiveness In $17,000 Ad”

  1. Roses are not romantic, nor are $17K ads. It’s so mindless. I like seeing a note on my car at school, or coming home with the dishes washed and a note confessing his undying love for me. That’s simple and thoughtful. Money isn’t required to be romantic. So yeah, I agree with you when you say madness. But may I also add the word, lame? 😛

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