Happy Sheep Eid

Eid El Adha, the big Eid, the feast of the sacrifice or the Eid of the sheep as some call it is tomorrow.

Prices for sheep sky-rocketed as they always do around this time of year, but nevertheless most Tunisians went out and bought their sheep for the big day even if they had to get a new credit to do so.

This Eid comes with the end of the Hajj, and is the day in which muslims worldwide sacrifice sheep in commemoration of the prophet Abraham’s story with his son.
Half of the sacrificed sheep is kept and the other half should be given to the poor.

We’ll be going to my parent’s place for lunch and then maybe doing some visits to the close family.

Eid Mubarak to everyone.
May it be a happy and blessed Eid for you all.
And don’t eat too much meat 😉

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