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  1. Hello i’m from Spain, and I would like to know wich is the song of the adidas-1 spot. Somebody knows it?
    Thank You

  2. hi
    unfortunately, the brother of the director produced this song exclusively for the song!
    the vocals are performed by the frontwoman karan o. of the band “the yeah yeah yeahs” but – as well, just for the ad.

  3. Thank You Niky, thank you Internet, thank you for all. Thaaaaaaaaaank Youuuuuuuuuuu.
    Maybe in a CD called AD Music Compilation, edited by The Man who wants the money, we can found it in a few time.
    Thank You from Barcelona Spain.

  4. Am I actually reading this?! Why is everyone typing little faces and talking so corney? The shoes sound cool, ya’ll don’t!

  5. my question is how long is the battery life or can u even change the battery? Also is the shoe always on or do you have to turn it on before you go train?

  6. I want the shoes so bad for my birthday!! its on April 25th and well where can i find them in stock! wat color do they come in?

  7. to anybody who cares i belive the song for the adidas-1 add is “Hello Tomorrow” by the yeah yeah yeah’s or somthing

  8. does anyone know where to buy one of these shoes.. i hear a lot about them but you cnat buy them off the adidas site so idk… someone email and tell me please

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