South Asia Earthquake And Tsunamis

The toll of the earthquake and tsunamis that hit South Asia yesterday has risen to over 14,000 dead, thousands injured, thousands missing and hundreds of thousands homeless in Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and other neighbouring countries.

The earthquake was the strongest in 40 years, and the 4th largest ever. The 9.0 magnitude quake originated 160 kilometers off the coast of Indonesia’s Sumatra Island at a depth of about 10 kilometers.

Watching the news yesterday and seeing all the destruction that followed this, hearing about all the loss of lives and homes was really sad.

Having visited and loved some of the places that were hit the worst in Thailand, Phuket and Phi Phi Island, and knowing the great and friendly Thai people, it truly saddens me to even imagine how much damage must have happened to these beautiful places and how many innocent lives were lost.

A dear friend of mine was also in the region just a couple of weeks ago. Thank God she and her family weren’t there when this happened, even though Malaysia wasn’t hit as bad as other places.

Our hearts and minds are with the people of these South Asian countries who lost their homes, their loved one, their jobs and more.
God help them all.

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