Opera’s Talking Web Browser

Opera Software released a test version of a major update to its Web browser software.

The new software adds stronger support for RSS and technology that allows users to navigate through voice commands and have Web pages read to them.

The new Opera beta version also includes user interface improvements such as bigger browsing space, cleaner menus, and better printing support, the company says. The browser also now works with Google’s Gmail, correcting a problem that had led some Opera users to switch to Firefox.

The voice support is powered by IBM’s Embedded ViaVoice technology, which Opera licensed early in the year.

This is really cool.
Before moving to Firefox, Opera was my browser of choice.
And even though I’m really happy with Firefox, I still think Opera is faster.

It’s great to see Opera coming up with these new ideas and features. If only Opera had the extensions Firefox had, I think I’d certainly move back to it.

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