LBC Star Academy 2

The second season of the Arab version of Star Academy starts today on LBC at 18:30 GMT.

16 contestants have been selected from all over the Arab world, including one Tunisian girl, Amani Souissi.

I didn’t watch LBC’s Star Academy last year, and only saw a “Best Of” episode after it all ended. But I heard a lot about it, too much in fact.

Everyone was mad about it, and it was a big success for LBC.
People from all around the Arab world, from all ages were pinned to their TV sets watching the contestants’ every move, choosing their favourite, talking endlessly about them, and wasting their money voting for them.
And the people who weren’t interested in the show were interested in the Lebanese presenter Hilda Khalifa 😛

In short, the Arab world was hit by Star Academy Mania and they loved every bit of it.
Now, it’s about to happen all over again.

But would it be appropriate for people to spend so much money now to vote for some talentless nobodies when that money could help so many people in countries that were hit by the disastrous tsunami, providing clean water, food, shelter and so much more?!

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