Israeli Racism

“The Arabs are worms. You find them everywhere like worms, underground as well as above.”

Yehiel Hazan, parliamentary leader of the biggest lobby group for Jewish colonists illegally settling in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.


“What is it about Islam as a whole and the Palestinians in particular? Is it some form of cultural deprivation? Is it some genetic defect?”

Ze’ev Boim, Deputy Defense Minister

This is extremely sickening and dangerous racism!
Only an animal would think and talk like that in the first place. But with animals like that in the Israeli government, it totally explains their racist and sickening approach to the Palestinian people and how they’re totally against a real peace process.

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10 thoughts on “Israeli Racism”

  1. You’re right, that is the biggest reason why Palestinians are still regarded as subhumans and not worth having their own land and their own dignity.
    I believe I read it here, but I’m not sure, that eventually it will be because the Israeli people themselves call a halt to the occupation that the situation in Palestine will change. There is no other way. The Palestinians can clamor, fight and blow up things all they want, but in the end, things will change when Israelis stop condoning the occupation and start fighting for Palestine as well.

  2. I totally agree with you Sugis. The day Israel starts thinking about Palestinians as equals is the day a true peace process can begin.

    And Saoirse, of course not all Israelis are like that. But unfortunately most of the people in the Israeli government are.

  3. Even if not all Israelis are like that, why don’t we hear the ones who disagree with the racist government asking them to stop? I’ve seen many Jews who stand by the side of the Palestinians, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen an Israeli do that!

  4. Dear Eman-Aqua,
    with all respect to what you’ve said, i believe that there are a few Israelis who respect other words, they want peace with thwm.
    They are willing to live in peace and harmony with palestinians. Those Isrealis are different from the typical Israeli(one who hates palestinians)
    as for why we don’t her about them: this is because those fealings are just in their hearts; the do not go in protests or whatever but if you talk to them you’ll see that they are actually good 🙂
    that is my opinion,
    with respect

  5. I agree, saoirse, that there are good Israelis out there, they can’t all represent the sick soldiers that willingly shoot an unarmed kid for sport… but again, if we don’t hear from these people and we never see them, then they are also contributing to the defamation of the Palestinian people and ultimately condone (in silence) the occupation. It’s going to take a few who are willing to speak out, who are unafraid to speak out (well, who are afraid but do not show it) that the rest who are not cruel will stand too. It’s this silence thing, this pack mentality thing that dooms all the crises that ultimately render humanity incapable of moving away from war or famine or greed.
    It’s sad, but we are always afraid to stand for something, lest we (god forbid) are not accepted into society. I don’t see that the Noam Chomskys of this world, or the Susan Sontags of this world ever had that problem.
    It will take just one Israeli. Just one.

  6. Dear Saoirse,
    I didn’t mean to make your words sound as lies. Sorry if you understood it that way. Anyway, my point is explained by sugis 🙂
    Even if there are some Israelis who condemn their racist governments’ acts towards Palestinians, the situation will never be better if they chose not to speak out and do something. They should have a positive role in spreading awareness, in elections, in media and all possible ways.

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