Getting Over Blogger’s Block

Just like any writer, a blogger too can go through a period of writer’s block, or as maybe we should call it blogger’s block.

In fact a blogger is even more stressed by it because he feels some sort of obligation to blog whenever he’s in front of a pc with an internet connection 😛

Here are some things I do for inspiration. It doesn’t always work, but well, it helps a lot of times.

1. Check out the latest world news from my selected news sources.
2. Go through some blog indexes and community blogs to check out what other bloggers are linking to and talking about.
3. Take a spin through the blogs on my blogroll.
4. Go through some random blogs from my friend’s blogrolls.
5. Go back to my email inbox for interesting forwards.
6. Capture the first thought that crosses my mind.
7. Travel back in time through my memories.
8. Remember what stuff from my recent everyday life left an impression on me.

Any other ideas you’d like to share?

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