Writing A Short Story…

Last night, while watching Rocky 2 on Channel 2, I sat down with my laptop and started writing what I intended to be a blog post for today.

Anyway, as I started writing, ideas started popping up in my head, some old and some new, and I went on writing and writing.

So, I dumped the idea of writing a blog post and moved on to the thought of writing a short story. I don’t know if it’ll grow even more than that though. It all depends on the characters I’ve just started creating and what happens to them.

I’ve been toying with the thought of writing for a while now, and have had many ideas come and go, but there’s this one idea that I really like which I’ll be trying to work into what I’ve started writing now.

I hope I stick to it and carry it through to the end though.

My dear wife already got a sneak preview last night, and she seems to like it, so that’s encouraging.

Anyway, if I’m really happy with how it starts shaping out to be in the coming days, I might start posting some of it here for you guys to give me your feedback.

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