In a move that marks the beginning of the end for a hugely successful chapter in technology history, Britain’s biggest high street electronics retailer Dixons has announced that it’s taking VCRs off its shelves for good.

All over the world, the revolutionary VHS (video home system)–which let people record and watch television programs when they wanted rather than at the whim of broadcasters–is in headlong retreat as the DVD (digital versatile disc) takes over.

To add insult to injury, police grudgingly admit that in Britain at least, home burglars don’t even bother to take VHS players because new ones now cost so little that no one wants a second-hand model.

Rest in peace VHS.
You were a wonderful chapter in the history of technology and behind so many fun and beautiful moments.
In your support, I’ll try to always keep a place for a VHS in my home 🙂
Until I migrate my wedding video to DVD that is 😛

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4 thoughts on “R.I.P VHS”

  1. Hehe, yeah, good point 🙂 my parents wedding video was in bitmax? bintax? something like that 🙂 and they had a hard time moving it to VHS.
    The video rental stores here already stopped selling VHS… but who would get a VHS when you can buy a pirated excellent quality dvd for a dinar?

  2. It’s Betamax 🙂
    The plug was pulled on that technology a few years back by Sony.

    And it seems that now it’s the time for VHS.

    A time will come for DVDs to go too.
    It’s the cycle of tech life 😉

    So, pirated DVDs go for 1JD now over there?
    Nice, I’ll get a stockpile next time I visit, lol…

  3. This is horrible !! my life is over!!lol as much as i use new technology ..i have so much contempt for it.. i still like audio cassettes better than CDs heh heh

  4. We got married last year and we never bothered to get a VHS copy for our wedding. We have it on DVD only. Somehow my husband knew that VHS will cease to exist soon;-) My parents have the VHS copy of our wedding and they keep watching it over and over again;-)

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