NBC to air hidden Princess Diana video

NBC television network will broadcast a never-before-seen video tape of Diana, Princess of Wales, next week in which she says she suspects a member of her staff with whom she fell in love was “bumped off.”

Earlier this year NBC aired audio tapes Diana secretly recorded for a 1992 book that exposed the turmoil of her marriage to Prince Charles, whom she divorced in 1996. The princess was killed in a car crash in Paris in 1997.

The two-hour special is to be broadcast in two parts, on November 29 and December 6.

“This unusual tape, recorded in Diana’s living room, hidden for years after her death, and fought over for months in the British courts, offers a view of the princess quite different from the formal public face she usually put forth,” NBC said.

It seems that even years after her death, the press just isn’t willing to let the poor Princess Di rest in peace.

In her life and after her death, it seems all the press can seem of thinking about is how to make more noise and profit off her back.
It’s about time everyone quit and let her soul enjoy some peace at last.

[Via: CNN]

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