MSN to Tempt Bloggers with Traffic and Ads

After Google opened up their AdSense program to bloggers, MSN seems to be following in it’s footsteps.

Susan Mernit blogs that MSN Network GM told Mark Glaser how Microsoft might work with bloggers in the future…

“If you’re a blogger, MSN might come to you and say, ‘We want to distribute you. We’ll send you traffic and we want you to run these ads on your site, and you’ll get a share of revenues on that. That’s probably an offer that many bloggers are going to be interested in because they don’t want to have to invest in creating that kind of infrastructure, and they would value the traffic.”

This is very interesting news.
Anyway I’d like to know how MSN are planning on sending traffic to bloggers?
Will they be playing around with their search engine so that bloggers who are in their program get listed high in the search results?

[Via: Mental Mayhem, Micro Persuasion]

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