Jad Choueiri, Aaaarrrggghhh!

Anyone checking out the plethora of Arabic music channels, that keep popping up on every satellite frequency possible, and having the courage to go through the experience of watching some of the videos they play will most probably catch the name Jad Choueiri on their screen quite often.

Jad Choueiri is a Lebanese singer, producer and video director.
He and the people he’s working with are riding the wave of sexually crazed music and videos that are playing on Arabic music channels.
From Tina to Maria to his own material and others, this guy is the driving force behind the lowest music ever released in the Arab world.

Being a music fan who stops by Arabic music channels on his daily trip through the Vh1s, MTVs, Rotanas, Mazzikas and other satellite music channels, I have come to know his style very well.

In short, if the video has the singer looking at the camera like a cat in heat, showing their tongues a lot, breathing heavily, baring more skin than you’d usually expect and singing already bad lyrics like shit, then it’s most probably something Jad is associated to.

But, giving credit where credit is due, his style of directing is quite good if we forget about the sex obsession.
I think that if he focuses more on that and starts thinking more with his brain instead of some other part of his body, he could really produce some pretty nice music videos. Maybe.

As for singing, he should totally forget about it. His voice sucks like hell, and his lyrics are even worse.
I get ear cramps, if such a thing exists, whenever I catch a song of his on 😛

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