Computers Make You Blind

We all know that prolonged computer use can cause RSI, back trouble, high blood pressure and steam to vent from both ears, but it appears that’s the least of our worries, because we’ll soon all be blind and that will be an end to it.

According to a Japanese study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, watching a computer screen for nine or more hours a day may contribute to the onset of glaucoma – a nasty disease which progressively damages the optic nerve and eventually leads to blindness.

The researchers – led by Dr Masayuki Tatemichi of Toho University School of Medicine – tested the eyesight of a total of 10,000 staff at four Japanese companies. They found that 522 of their guinea pigs demonstrated “visual field abnormalities” – aka “sight defects” to the man in the street.

The scientists reckon there is a significant link between these defects and heavy computer use by those who are also long or short-sighted. Furthermore, 165 of those demonstrating visual field abnormalities already showed signs of glaucoma – especially those suffering from short-sightedness.

The main conclusion of the study is: short-sighted heavy computer users are most at risk from developing glaucoma.

My main conclusion is: I’m doomed!

[Source: The Register, Guardian]

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