Arabic-style handwriting cancels flight

Midwest Airlines canceled a flight ready to take off for San Francisco after a passenger found Arabic-style handwriting in the company’s in-flight magazine and alerted the crew.

The plane, carrying 118 passengers and five crew members, had already pulled away from the gate at Mitchell International Airport on Sunday evening. It returned to the gate, the passengers got off, security authorities were notified, all luggage was checked and the aircraft was inspected. Nothing was found.

The passengers were put up in nearby hotels and booked on a Monday morning flight.

The writing was in Farsi, the language used in Iran, said airline spokeswoman Carol Skornycka. She said she didn’t know exactly what the writing said but was similar to a prayer, “something of a contemplative nature.”

So now not only do they start a problem because they don’t like how someone looks, but they’re ready to turn around a plane just because someone scribbled on an inflight magazine in a language that looks like Arabic?!
I think this is really stupid!
I truly can’t believe it’s gone this far!

[Source: USA Today]
[Via: Mental Mayhem]

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