World On Fire

What can you do with $150,000?
I bet you’d find a bunch of cool scenarios in your head to make yourself happy.

Well, Canadian diva Sarah McLachlan chose to make a million happy people with it instead.
She donated the budget for her new music video to charities around the world.
And instead of an expensive fancy music video she put together a touching video about the difference her fancy music video budget money could make in third-world countries for only $15.

You can check out the video at

The list of charities and sum of money donated to each can be found here.

A great and touching move from one of my favourite female singers.
Way to go Sarah!

[Via: And Far Away]

  • Saqf

    It’s been quiet some time since anyone did something that sincere, and not as a publicity stunt.

    I really felt that hit the nail on the head. It was very inspiring to see that video.
    We hear about charity work all the time, but this one gave a great example and should pave the way in how to utilise all your means, skills and talent in making a real difference.

    Thanks to Sarah for a true effort, and thanks to MMM for pointing that out.

  • Jenn

    Yeah, Sarah McLachlan is not only an awesome singer/songwriter, but an awesome person. She also decided to lower the cost of her cd’s to fight against her music being downloaded. Which seems logical to me, but apparently the record companies and other artists disagree. They’d rather take us to court instead.

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