The loss of Muslim lives matters, too

… Beslan, endless kidnappings in Iraq and the barbaric decapitation of aid workers and other civilians have forced Muslim leaders into a new activism.

In France, since the kidnapping of two journalists in Iraq, Muslims of influence have pushed their people to embrace French nationhood even though there are serious conflicts between them and their state….
The Muslim Association of Britain has issued straight statements condemning the inhumane hostage-taking by Muslims worldwide.

But only if there is reciprocity. Muslims have put their lives and reputations on the line to save Mr Bigley and others. The allies hold thousands of Muslims in illegal incarceration; they are tortured and killed too….

Where are the “official” Christian delegations to protect Muslim victims in Afghanistan, Iraq, Guantanamo Bay? Why do our baying newspapers not call for these faith communities to condemn the savagery perpetrated by the allies?..

[Source: Global Echo]

[Via: Je Blog, Bouillabaisse]

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