The Art of Storytelling

While thinking of my different hobbies and all the stuff I truly enjoy, I found out they weren’t really that different after all. They all revolve around the art of storytelling.

Being a book fan, every book tells a different story, takes you different places, paints different worlds, picks you up out of reality and throws you into a beautiful world of imagination.

As for music, every song tells a new story too, new events, new ways to express the feelings, new feelings to express the meaning.

In cinema, every movie is a story, it portrays a world for you to live during the length of the movie, a set of new characters to know, an idea it tries to pass, a life it’s trying to show you.

When it comes to photography, every photo captures a moment, a moment from a life, from a story, stimulating your imagination to pick up the bits and pieces in that picture and construct the story your own way.

And it goes on and on for every other hobby of mine.

Actually, I think every form of art is nothing but another way of telling a story and another way of passing it’s idea.

So I’d like to think of myself as a fan of the art of storytelling in all it’s forms and colors. I love being told stories and I love telling stories too.

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