Super Powers

If you were offered to choose one and only one super power, what would you choose and why?

This is a thought that has crossed my mind more than once since my childhood, and I guess everytime I’d have a new answer depending on the new cool superhero comic or cartoon I was into.

But now, when I think of it, the 2 most tempting super powers for me are flying and being invisible. And having to choose only one, I’d choose Invisibility.
Of course not just normal invisibility, no I’d also have to be able to walk through walls and stuff.

The ability to become invisible is so much more powerful than most people would think. It means you’d be able to go wherever you want, do whatever you want, see whatever you want without anyone knowing.

It means freedom beyond any degree of freedom a normal human being could enjoy.

It means so much power without anybody knowing where it’s coming from.

For example, If I could become invisible, I’d pick myself up right now, walk into the airport, go aboard a flight to the US, go to NASA, take a space shuttle for a little spin around earth, get back in time to change the results of the US elections then come home to blog about it 😉

Now, that’s cool…

Of course, after a while, I’d grow a bit bored of it, and so I would start thinking of maybe helping people using my super natural gift 😛

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