Let The Next Generation Change

Just last week I visited a well-known high school in Jerusalem. A good many of the students I spoke to told me appalling things. They said: When we are soldiers, we will kill old people, women and children without giving it a thought. They said: We will expel them, we will put them on planes and fly them to Iraq. We will fly hundreds of thousands of them. Millions. And most of the students in the audience applauded those opinions. They supported them even when I pointed out that that is how people talked 60 years ago in Europe.

Avrum Burg, former Speaker of the Knesset: On The Eve Of Destruction

[Via: Lawrence of Cyberia]

As long as the next generations are brought up to think that way and not taught to use reason to try and understand the problem and seriously take steps to solve it, this problem will exist forever.

We have to teach the next generations that the use of power doesn’t solve problems, it only makes them bigger.

We all need a change of hearts, a change of minds, a new beginning to reach a precious and lasting peace.

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