Champion Lafayette

So, this morning in between paying our rent, bills and other stuff, we passed by Champion, the new mall that opened this week in Lafayette in downtown Tunis.

It looks really nice from the front and on the inside, but it’s a bit too small to be called a mall actually, so maybe mini-mall would be more suitable.

A lot of the shops and boutiques still haven’t opened yet and the food court is still under way but the supermarket section is working and already over-crowded.

The first thought I got when I walked into the supermarket was: this is more like a Monoprix loaded with the exact same stuff that’s in Carrefour but packed into a smaller area.

Anyway, even though I found myself thinking of how the lanes, counters and some other little things here and there were shopper unfriendly, I think it’s really nice and a great addition to the Tunisian shopping scene.

I hope it takes off some of the load Carrefour gets so that the latter can go back to being a good shopping experience.

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