Blocked Road to Kabul

The joint Qatari-Jordanian series “Road To Kabul” that tells the story of Taliban ruled Afghanistan through a love story between an Afghan girl and a Palestinian boy has been taken off the MBC schedule.

Qatar Television, the producer of the series, asked all channels not to air the series, but MBC went on anyway and aired it, but they had to pull the plug on it later because QTV refused to give them the rest of the series’ episodes.

The producers, directors, writers, and actors have received death threats from the Mujahedin Brigades of Iraq and Syria.
But the real reason why the producer suddenly changed mind is still unknown.

It’s a shame that it’s being blocked. I watched the few episodes that MBC aired and quite liked it. It was telling the story of Afghanistan as it really was.

Maybe that’s the reason it’s being stopped after all. The truth isn’t always what they want it to be.

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2 thoughts on “Blocked Road to Kabul”

  1. Yeah, it’s a shame they blocked it. It was among the best programs of Ramadan. I liked it, and all actors did a great job. I’m really sad we can’t watch the rest of it!

  2. It’s so unfair to block something from people, we always watched Americanized bull shit, one ‘super natural’ guy being able to kill 10 million russians in one operation.

    And in many hollywood movies facts in history are changed, e.g. Pearl Harbor.

    Now, we ban ourselves from seeing something, regardless if it’s the truth or not. It’s some opinion, and it deserves to be aired.

    This is unjustified Censorship

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