Trip to Syria

So, where have I been these past days?
I haven’t blogged for 4 days. That surely doesn’t seem like me, does it now?
Well, no worries, I’m still alive.

September 10th, We woke up really early and headed to Syria. My wife, her parents and myself.
We decided we didn’t have enough time to go to both Syria and Lebanon as we wished to, so we thought, this year Syria, and next time Lebanon.

Damascus, the capital of Syria, is actually closer to Amman than Aqaba (A Jordanian city) is, it’s basically a 2-3 hour drive.

I visited Damascus only once before when I studied here in Jordan, and it was for one day only. And no it wasn’t for what some of you dirty minded guys are thinking 😛 Just simple and quick micro-tourism 😉

Downtown Damascus is very old, it looks like it got stuck in the last century, but as you go further away from downtown it gets more modern.
But one thing you’ll surely find wherever you go in Syria are pictures, statues and more of the current president, his deceased father the ex-president, and his deceased brother (the would-have-become president).

Anyway, we didn’t really travel much and spent most of our time in Damascus, but we got to go to places like Qasyoon Mountain, Bloudan, Bouqein, Seidnaya, Maaloula and other not so far away places.

I took a bunch of nice pics, and will be posting some in a photolog.

It was a pretty good visit and we had a very nice time.
It was great to be back in Jordan though once we got back here.

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