Re-living Jordan

So, these past 2 days and other than spending time with the family, we’ve also been trying to go around Amman as much as possible and see all the places we used to exist in.

It’s been really great seeing the places that have changed and the places that haven’t, watching the people, listening to the accent, living Jordan again.

It’s kind of a bit weird too. I feel as if I’m somehow living my present in the past or something like that.
It’s like when you’re playing a video game and you’ve passed a level, but then revisit it for a while for a certain reason and then go back to the level you’re in.

I haven’t seen anyone I know yet, but I sure am planning to see everyone I can and have contacts for.

Another thing is that I’ll truly have to go on a strict diet once I’m back to Tunisia to lose the weight I’ll be gaining here.
My mother-in-law cooks great Middle Eastern food, which I can’t miss, and on top of that I’m planning to eat at every restaurant I ever went to here. That’s a recipe for a lot of FAT, lol.

Thanks to the guys who recommended places for me to check out, they’re noted and hopefully I’ll be visiting them all 🙂

Will keep you updated…

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