Imagining Faces

The human imagination is such a powerful and great tool. A simple thought or a piece of text will trigger our imagination to create a whole new world for us to see and enjoy.

In books, we often find ourselves imagining the places the writer is talking about and putting faces to the characters he’s created. It all adds to the great fun of reading a story by in fact living it too.

Anyway, now with blogs, other than all that, we also find ourselves trying to imagine how the blog writer looks like in an attempt to associate a face to that person.

We try to pick up certain little details from here and there in their posts to try and make up a better picture of them in our minds, because it’s more comforting to us in a way to know how the person we’re reading from looks like.

Blogs are quite a personal way of communication and expression, sometimes revealing quite a lot about the writer and his life. With time the people reading the blog grow to know this person really well and it kind of bugs them if they can’t even picture that person in their minds, and that’s why they start imagining how they might look like.

I find it funny and very interesting when I try to imagine how someone might look like through their writings, and I find it even funnier and even more interesting when I think about how people would think I look like by reading what I write.

I wonder how I look like in your imaginations.

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