How to tell if you are adopted

Another funny forward from my old inbox, lol.

Hey, Kids!
Sometimes it’s hard to figure out whether “Mom” and “Dad” are your actual parents. Here are some things to look out for that mean you were adopted:

– You’re not allowed to get a trampoline.
– Other family members enjoy foods that taste “yucky” to you.
– You’re made to sleep in your own private room, sequestered from the rest of the family.
– Mom and Dad find occasions once or twice a year to shower you with gifts, so you won’t feel so bad about being abandoned by your real parents.
– You don’t remember your parents bringing you home from the hospital when you were born.
– Your parents call each other by names other than “Mommy” and “Daddy” to conceal their true identity.
– Your parents don’t let you go out at night, when your real parents might try to steal you back.
– Only adopted, or “rejected,” children have to brush their teeth.
– You don’t have the same eye and hair color as your parents, and you’re not the same height.
– Your parents sometimes go into their room and shut the door

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