How to tell if you are adopted

Another funny forward from my old inbox, lol.

Hey, Kids!
Sometimes it’s hard to figure out whether “Mom” and “Dad” are your actual parents. Here are some things to look out for that mean you were adopted:

– You’re not allowed to get a trampoline.
– Other family members enjoy foods that taste “yucky” to you.
– You’re made to sleep in your own private room, sequestered from the rest of the family.
– Mom and Dad find occasions once or twice a year to shower you with gifts, so you won’t feel so bad about being abandoned by your real parents.
– You don’t remember your parents bringing you home from the hospital when you were born.
– Your parents call each other by names other than “Mommy” and “Daddy” to conceal their true identity.
– Your parents don’t let you go out at night, when your real parents might try to steal you back.
– Only adopted, or “rejected,” children have to brush their teeth.
– You don’t have the same eye and hair color as your parents, and you’re not the same height.
– Your parents sometimes go into their room and shut the door

  • Jenn

    Oh man… That email can traumatize so many children. That’s just mean. Funny as hell, but mean. haha

  • orange

    it seems i must be adopted!

  • MMM

    Yeah, it’s funny and mean :)

    As for you Orange, don’t worry, you’re not adopted. Who in their right minds would want to adopt you? šŸ˜›
    Just kidding, lol.

  • orange

    SEE!! thats why they used to pray for a real child, etmaglaboo! :p

  • Amira

    How can i tell if i was adopted! I would like to know please help Me

  • travel

    Please check out the sites about- Tons of interesdting stuff!!!

  • Saoirse

    lol!! i must be adopted!!!

  • vanessa

    – You don’t have the same eye and hair color as your parents, and you’re not the same height.

    It said that, but you see, my mom and dad both have BLACK hair or DARK BROWN, DARK eyes, my sister looks like them, and so do my two brothers. MY dad is atleast 6’3″ my mom’s 5’4, i’m barely 5 ft. and i have BLONDE hair and GREEN eyes. That’s why I need to know if I am adopted

  • Antoin

    I need to know if I am adopted because I look nothing like any of my family, there are no photos of me whenever I was a very small baby, most people think I am asian! When I am supposed to be Irish, people think my two brothers look like twins and I am just like there!

  • hjdfiw

    Wow… You have issues man. You should feel ashamed for writing that!

  • Lisa

    you know what is really weird, ever since the age of four i have honestly felt incredibly disconnected from the rest of my family, constantly feeling left out and just very, very disconnected. I have always tryed convincing myself that i belong to my family, but deep down i just know i dont and the worst part of it is, i dont love my father, mother, siblings – basically my whole family – like a person should toward their family. And they are the most nicest, most kind family, but i still feel so disconnected, i am pretty sure i am adopted, i just feel it all the time – can anyone give me any ideas as to search for my birth parents, because i really feel set apart from the family i have now its unbelievable.

  • Sheena


  • http://adopted shawna

    i really need to now if i am adoted the people i live with dont pay any attention and i am nothing like them.
    please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pilotpatty

    “Remember! If it turns out you were adopted, do not misbehave in any way, or your parents will sell you to the gypsies.”

    What if you Want to be sold to the gypsies? What if you hope that you get sent back to your natural folks, isnt that what most adopties want? As an adoptee myself, that is what i wanted. My adoptive family was quite disappointed in me in how “i turned out”, but I am sure, that if i had similar traits as my natural family does, and I do (I am reunited), they would accept me just fine.

  • http://???? Adilai

    thats uber retarded go away freak

  • Darkmilz

    Omg That is so wrong!
    I am so innocent and then i read this!
    If this was meant to be a joke well this is so dead wrong!

  • kiera

    omg! this must mean i am adopted ok this is starting to get freaky… my mum is 5″1 and my dad is 5″4 same height as me and i am only 12 yrs old! also, my mum has red hair and brown eyes and my dad has black hair and green eyes but i have light brown hair and blue eyes! help!

  • melissa

    i think i am adopted i am nothing like my parents or sister, they are out going and i am quiet and shy. everything on that list is true but i have the same hair color and eyes as my parents. i am around the same height though. could i still be adopted? i dont want to talk to my parents about it because i am really self conscious and as i said before shy! what should i do?

    ps sorry about my grammer i am on my ipod touch

  • melissa

    i needed to add things sorry
    when i was little when my sister and i would get in fights she use to say i was adotped. she was 8 or 9, so could she have been joking?sometimes i wish i was adopted. my sister looks like my parents but i dont look ANYTHING like my sister and i dont think i look like my parents. IDK please help me

  • Samantha

    i think that i am adopted but i am not sure and this did not help ive tried reaching but it dosent help!!HELP!!!

  • Jartyp

    hahahahaha cant you see that its a JOKE

  • Katy Sanaw

    hey my friend is having suspicions. she looks nothing like her family and stuff and most of the signs point to adoption, is there a way to track your birth parents?

  • Yout

    thank u very much know i needĀ to find my real parentsĀ 

  • Paige94

    hey kiera. i have the same problem, ive been wondering if i was adopted for a while cuz i am nothing like my parents. my mom has dark brown hair and brown eyes and is 5’5” and my dad is 5’7” and has light brown hair and light blue eyes. but i have brown hair not to dark and not to light and i have dark blue eyes with green in them and im 5’3” and im 16 and im done growing. lol ii mean i kinda look like them by those features but anything else NO lol.

  • David Stelter

    I have the same feeling that im adopted but someoneĀ  isn’t telling me the truth or something. Because so called mom and dad treat me way different then my 2 other siblings im not allowed to use the Lawn Mower or ride the 4 wheeler if i start drama i get into trouble but if its my other siblings do whatver they want my so called parents say i dunno whats the law says about parents telling there kids if they really are or ain’t adopted something just doesn’t feel right and im getting really mad because i wanna know the truth why is someone lieing to me. Its my right to know.

  • Asher Vidal

    Mostly EVERYTHING You just said is happening to me… AM I ADOPTED I FEEL LIKE I AM