What is the definition of a home?
And why do we always have to have a clear answer for that which is limited by a certain place for us to build our lives around?

The concept of a home is strongly rooted in us and in so many of our major decisions. A home country, a home city, a home town, a home team, and the list goes on.

But what actually ties us to a certain place to make it our home? What defines a home country?
A home country to most is the place they were born, a place where they spent most of their lives, a set of memories and experiences, a history.
But some others have a home country they’ve never ever been to. They are born somewhere, have great memories and build lives there, but still they regard some other country as the home country they cherish so much.

So, even though being born somewhere and having lots of memories in it makes you love a place, it isn’t the essential element in making it your home country.

So what is it that ties a person to a place and makes him call it his home?
And why does a person actually need a place to call home in the first place?

The second question is easier and more logical to answer. I think a person needs to have somewhere to call home in order to have some sense of belonging, to have a place to look forward to going to, to have a place of their own that they can brag about and say wonderful things about, to have a place that they can identify themselves with.

As for what ties a person to a place and makes him call it home, I think how it’s being decided in many people’s brain is by their origin. Their parents are from that country so they are too. Full stop. It doesn’t need that much thought for most.

But why?
What happened to all the “Home is where the heart is” stuff, to personal choice and to following what’s better for a person?
Why doesn’t a person choose his home based on what he likes, what suits him better, what makes him more comfortable?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m maybe one of the proudest Tunisians alive. My home country is Tunisia, my home city is Bizerte and the list goes on and I’m proud of each thing in it and wouldn’t change it for the world.
But in reality, I’ve spent more of my life outside Tunisia than in it, and when I am in Tunisia I rarely even go to Bizerte, my supposed home city.

What I’m saying is that maybe we should not over-tie ourselves to our so-called home places. It’s great to have them and to use them as a certain source of pride and belonging, but not to over-obsess about them.

We should always be open to choose our home away from home depending on our choices.

Plus sometimes it’s necessary not to live in your home country and only visit it every once in a while to keep loving it, as sometimes living in it can be a nightmare, lol.

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