Power Struggle in Relationships

Yesterday, while on another train of thought, this idea came to my mind, and well I thought I’d write it down.

In every relationship there is a sort of power struggle.
Whether it’s a love, work, friendship, family or any other relationship, there always is this factor of who is in the position of power and who is in the position of weakness, about who has more control over the relationship and who has the upper hand.

It’s actually rare in a relationship for the two sides to complete each other and strike a perfect balance of powers. Most of the times, one of the sides has some sort of power advantage for some reason or another tipping the balance to his side and giving him the plus.

Sometimes you might not think of it, but then something comes along that makes you see it.

Just take the time, look around you, look at the relationships you’re in professionally or personally and you’ll see that in some you are in a position of power, while in others you’re in a position of weakness, and in some few others in a position of balance.

I guess it’s just the nature of things.

But it’s very important because it determines how comfortable you are and can be in a relationship.

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Mohamed Marwen Meddah is a web development director, amateur photographer and web enthusiast from Tunisia, currently living in Canada.

2 thoughts on “Power Struggle in Relationships”

  1. I hope you’re comfortable in all kinds of relationships, if you’re not in any of them, then I hope you will be very soon 🙂

  2. WOW, this is such an interesting thought MMM, LOL 😉 🙂
    Well, as u said, its “human nature” that makes us act in such way. Most of the time it depends on whether u posses strong leadership skills or not, and whether u have this internal desire to lead or be led. And to be honest with u, it kinda pisses me off when I see a person trying to get control over a group of people, or when a person is being led by another, specially if it is a friendship relationship, it sucks. But this type of “power struggle” is most obvious in love and marriage relationships, OH GOD!!! Its always a fight about who should take control, specially in our Eastern society and after that “women’s liberation” thats taking place right now!!!
    In family relations, its always the parents who have control over their children, and that is sooo normal (although I’d love to see how it is like when a child has control over his/her parents, that would be really interesting to watch, LOL 🙂 😀 )
    And talking about myself, I LOVE DEMOCRACY, I just hate to lead or be led, I love to be free :), and that sometimes, creates problems between me and my friends, cuz when someone tries to act as a leader, I remain silent and say nothing, but also I refuse to act as a leader, wierd, eh?? LOL. But I make a good leader though whenever I have to act like a leader, cuz I always ask for others’ opinions and whats good for them, it just makes things a little easier and satisfies everyone when making a decision, and I believe that this is the way leaders must act. Oh well, thats just me 😉
    Anyways that was a real nice thought, and if I was to write down everything I have in my head about it, I would take pages and pages, so I guess this is long enough though 🙂 😉 😀

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