Power Struggle in Relationships

Yesterday, while on another train of thought, this idea came to my mind, and well I thought I’d write it down.

In every relationship there is a sort of power struggle.
Whether it’s a love, work, friendship, family or any other relationship, there always is this factor of who is in the position of power and who is in the position of weakness, about who has more control over the relationship and who has the upper hand.

It’s actually rare in a relationship for the two sides to complete each other and strike a perfect balance of powers. Most of the times, one of the sides has some sort of power advantage for some reason or another tipping the balance to his side and giving him the plus.

Sometimes you might not think of it, but then something comes along that makes you see it.

Just take the time, look around you, look at the relationships you’re in professionally or personally and you’ll see that in some you are in a position of power, while in others you’re in a position of weakness, and in some few others in a position of balance.

I guess it’s just the nature of things.

But it’s very important because it determines how comfortable you are and can be in a relationship.

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