Jordan Today

In just a few minutes, we’ll be heading out to the airport, after having lunch at my parents’ place, to jump on our flight to Jordan.

It’s been 2 years since I last was in Jordan, and it feels like such a long long time.
I can’t wait to be there again, see what’s changed, what hasn’t, the family, the friends, the places …etc.

We have so many plans to visit places, eat at places, buy stuff and we’re lucky if we do half the things we want to do, lol.

This is my first real vacation in 2 years, and it feels great to know that I’ll have 3 weeks of relaxation away from the hectic everyday life.

I’ll be trying to hop online as often as I can to blog though, I’m too addicted to blogging to stay away from here for 3 weeks 😛

Anyway, cya all…
Next blog should be from Jordan 🙂

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