Jordan Here

We’re in Jordan at last…
Our plane got here at 10PM last night, and my wife’s family were there at the airport to welcome us.
It was great seeing them all after such a long time πŸ™‚

On the way back to their place in Daheyat El Rasheed, we didn’t really see much of Jordan and if much changed in it, so we made up our minds to get out this morning to start checking it out.

So, today we picked ourselves up, went to Gardens street to change some money and started by heading to Mecca Mall, which is the biggest mall in Jordan for the time being. I hear that bigger ones are planned.
I really liked it, especially Prime Megastore and the Grand Cinema Theatres. The Food Court is quite impressive too with every fast food place you could ever imagine, reflecting the typical favourite Arab pass-time, eating πŸ˜›
Anyway, I’m sure I’ll be going back to Mecca Mall to buy a lot of stuff from Prime Megastore and to watch a number of movies.

After having lunch at KFC there, we left and went for a drive around Amman. El Medina Street, Al Rabyeh, Umm Udheina, El Sweifiyeh, …etc.

We later passed by Cozmo to get some stuff we need and some chocolates and sweets then headed home.

Today was more of a “Hi Amman, We’re Back” tour, and soon we’ll be going to more places and checking out more stuff.

Something I noticed though is that Amman is more crowded now than 2 years ago. More people, more cars, more buildings, more shopping places, more life.

Anyway, I’ll get going now.
Will post more about our stay here and Amman as we go out more and see more in the days to come πŸ™‚

And hey for you guys who are here or who know Amman. If there are any places you would like to recommend to us, please leave a comment πŸ™‚

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